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Brilliant Solutions On Demand.


Most companies can’t afford to have thought leaders, branding gurus and marketing-to-women experts on their staff permanently. But wouldn’t it be nice to have all of their experience, expertise, and knowledge focused like a laser on YOUR challenges for a few hours when you need it? That’s exactly what SmartStorms™ are designed to do.

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What do you need to know today?
SmartStorms™ can be a smart start to:


Launching a new product or brand * Exploring brand identity and messaging * Creating fresh thinking about new channels for reaching women * Finding specific ways for improving service and sales to women * Ad agencies pitching or developing work that needs marketing-to-women expertise*


It’s All About You.

You’ve got burning questions and deadlines. We’ve got solutions and experts who think fast. One thing we’ve learned while working at some of the top agencies in the world is that most of the big ideas are generated by a few smart people sitting in one room together on a singular mission. In SmartStorms, that mission is you.

How It Works.

You bring us a challenge or question.
Together we decide which experts to bring to the table.
Each expert reviews the information provided by you.
The experts meet for a facilitated SmartStorm™ focused on your challenge.
Results are organized, refined and presented as an action plan

You look like a hero and move your brand and sales forward

SmartStorms Downloadable PDF


The Skirt Check Workshop

Wondering how your brand looks to women?

The Skirt Check Workshop

It's a funny name for a no-nonsense look at your brand's image with women. A "skirt check" is something smart women do before walking out the door to make sure they're putting their best face forward to the world. Sadly, not enough companies submit their marketing or ad campaigns to similar scrutiny.

Women notice 50% more of the subtle facial cues in everyday conversations.

What are they noticing about your campaign?

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Remember when the Motrin Moms campaign sparked so much ire with women that they had to pull it off the air? Remember the major airline whose "women's web site" never took off because women found the pastels and fluff insulting? Dell didn't seem to notice, and made the same mistake when launching Della.

These brands had good intentions but fell prey to poor execution.

We hate seeing this happen since, to us, the red flags are so obvious to spot and so simple to correct. After over 15 years listening to thousands of women in focus groups, we know what works and what flops. And so our workshop was born. 

This half-day analysis of your messaging and campaign is designed to give your connection with women a quick (but smart) tune up and includes:

1. A pre-workshop review of your industry and your campaign

2. A half-day workshop or presentation to your team led by Mary Dean

3. An action plan for polishing your messaging and campaign for maximum impact and sales.


More Workshops To Increase Your Sales


If you only schedule one session for your team this year, THIS should be it.  This two  - three hour educational session uses a mix of science, case studies and interactive exercises to drive home the essentials of connecting with the female consumer. This workshop is designed to give your team the knowledge and tools they need to immediately improve your brand's connection with women,


Anyone in marketing, PR, or sales.