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Most companies can’t afford to have thought leaders, branding gurus and marketing-to-women experts on their staff permanently. But wouldn’t it be nice to have all of their experience, expertise, and knowledge focused like a laser on YOUR challenges for a few hours when you need it? That’s exactly what SmartStorms™ are designed to do. SmartStorms Downloadable PDF

If you only schedule one session for your team this year, THIS should be it. This three-hour, customizable, educational session uses a mix of science, case studies and interactive exercises to drive home the essentials of connecting with the female consumer. This workshop is designed to give your team the knowledge and tools they need to immediately improve your brand's connection with women.
We share detailed examples of decisions and tactics that have worked for us and out clients.


The Skirt Check Workshop

It's a funny name for a no-nonsense look at your brand's image with women. A "skirt check" is something smart women do before walking out the door to make sure they're putting their best face forward to the world. Sadly, not enough companies submit their marketing, social media or ad campaigns to similar scrutiny. Find out how your brand really looks to women and how to quickly improve its appeal. This workshop gives you proven and actionable ways to immediately increase the return on your marketing investment.