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Our team members have helped build some great brands during their careers. These are just a few of them. We highlight different work regularly. Click on the client name below or in the sidebar to see our favorite campaign examples.

 Curves   Levi's

Kind Words

"When I think of what Mary has contributed to our brand, I always remember the day she showed us our first campaign. It was a very moving moment because her campaign not only gave us confirmation of what we had achieved, it also gave us a clearer vision of what we could become.

Mary has been an important part of our growth. Over the past five years, she has become the voice of Curves. Her words and passion and insights helped us define Curves in a way that I'm extremely proud of and in the process she has touched the lives of millions of women."
Diane Heavin, Co-Founder, Curves
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"Mary Dean...played a leadership role in crafting our brand identity and promise in the initial years of our first national advertising effort. During this time, she not only helped define the vision and its expression in advertising, but she was an effective advocate for that vision with our senior management and franchise organization. She was passionate about her work and our business and everyone at Curves has high regard for her talent."
Mike Raymond, President, Curves
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"I've worked with Mary as both a colleague and a client and her insights into female consumers have resulted in advertising campaigns that deliver results while carving out a unique place for brands in women's hearts and minds. Mary has a business-honed instinct of what makes consumers tick that goes beyond the traditional mythology of marketing to women."
Brice Campbell,  Former Director of Global Marketing, Curves
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"Klaudia is one of the smartest people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. She's a superstar strategist and someone who helps elevate the thinking of every project she's a part of. Klaudia's passion and professional prowess would be an asset on any team."
Graceann Bennett, Managing Partner, Director of Strategic Planning, Ogilvy Chicago
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"Klaudia blends a diverse experience base in both Packaged goods and retail marketing with an insatiable hunger for uncovering imaginative, creative strategic ideas designed to build brands and grow businesses. Add to this her endless level of energy. A true partner who eats, sleeps and truly contributes to her clients' business."
Steve Price, CEO & Chairman Publicis Mid-America
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"Mary is much more than just a great writer. She weaves words like a poet, paints pictures like a conceptual artist, and envisions a plan like a disciplined strategist. Her passion for creating emotionally-based ideas that define and build brands is counterbalanced with her ability to bring those ideas to life in a way that translate into measurable results."
Steve Price, CEO & Chairman Publicis Mid-America
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"Mary Dean is an exceptional strategist, one of the best Account Planning minds I've ever teamed up with. I think that's why she's such a successful Creative Director."
Lionel Knight, Director of Account Planning, TracyLocke.
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"The strategic leadership Klaudia brought to the Wal-Mart business not only drove the marketing but significantly impacted merchandising and operations. Her ability to bring the consumer perspective in an actionable way made her a valuable team leader."
Helen Reichenberger, Manager, Wal-Mart Marketing
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